Can I lose my license for too many tickets?

I received a speeding ticket the other day. I was going pretty fast and I have several speeding charges on my record. I have heard that if I get too many speeding tickets I could lose my license. Is that true? Also, is there something I could do about the ticket?

The answer to the first question is “yes,” you could lose your license for having too many speeding tickets in a given period. If a person has a commercial driver’s license, one set of requirements apply.

If a person does not have a commercial driver’s license another set of rules are applicable. Generally, an ordinary driver that receives three speeding or other qualifying traffic citations in a one-year period runs the risk of losing her license. So the answer to your question is that traffic charges can “stack”” and pose a problem with your license.

There are a number of things an attorney may be able to help you do to prevent you from losing your license. Foremost, depending on the circumstances, the ticket could potentially be amended to a “nonmoving” violation. This means that the violation will not contribute to the loss of your license. Oftentimes it is difficult for an attorney to seek to amend tickets, however, if the client’s traffic record is extensive.

Other options also exist, again depending on all the circumstances. Because the ability to drive is critical for job and other purposes, it would be advisable to consult with an attorney regarding your situation.

Kansas law embodies the principle that driving is a privilege and not a right. Keep that in mind and we could all benefit from the advice to simply “slow down.”